18-OCTOMBRIE-2019 Maleficent: Suverana Răului
25-OCTOMBRIE-2019 Familia Addams
22-NOIEMBRIE-2019 Frozen 2 3D
20-DECEMBRIE-2019 Star Wars: Skywalker – Ascensiunea 3D
6-MARTIE-2020 Onward 3D
27-MARTIE-2020 Mulan 3D
10-APRILIE-2020 Bond 25
1-MAI-2020 Black Widow 3D
29-MAI-2020 Artemis Fowl
19-IUNIE-2020 Soul
24-IULIE-2020 Jungle Cruise
14-AUGUST-2020 The One and Only Ivan
14-AUGUST-2020 Respect
6-NOIEMBRIE-2020 The Eternals 3D
27-NOIEMBRIE-2020 Raya and the Last Dragon
12-FEBRUARIE-2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
12-MARTIE-2021 Untitled Disney Live Action
7-MAI-2021 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
28-MAI-2021 Cruella
18-IUNIE-2021 Untitled Pixar Animation 3D
9-IULIE-2021 Untitled Indiana Jones
30-IULIE-2021 Untitled Disney Live Action
8-OCTOMBRIE-2021 Untitled Disney Live Action
5-NOIEMBRIE-2021 Thor: Love and Thunder
26-NOIEMBRIE-2021 Untitled Disney Animation 3D
18-FEBRUARIE-2022 Untitled Marvel 3D
18-MARTIE-2022 Untitled Pixar 3D
6-MAI-2022 Black Panther 2 3D
27-MAI-2022 Untitled Disney Live Action
17-IUNIE-2022 Untitled Pixar 3D
8-IULIE-2022 Untitled Disney Live Action
29-IULIE-2022 Untitled Marvel 3D
7-OCTOMBRIE-2022 Untitled Disney Live Action
4-NOIEMBRIE-2022 Untitled Disney Live Action
25-NOIEMBRIE-2022 Untitled Disney Animation
16-DECEMBRIE-2022 Untitled Star Wars
17-FEBRUARIE-2023 Untitled Disney Live Action
20-DECEMBRIE-2024 Untitled Star Wars
18-DECEMBRIE-2026 Untitled Star Wars